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GF202-01.1 - Scenario A: Control your Apps Configuration S...
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Code: CourseGF202.1
Title: Scenario A: Control your Apps Configuration Scheme (ACS)

The User customizable is one of the necessary requirements in most practical Business Application. In the days of pre-Dot Net, programmers relied on .ini meta-data file to keep the application manifest. Nowadays, .NET Framework and C# encourage the programmer to utilize XML to keep track of the Application's configuration. Knowing how to take advantage of this technique will set you apart from the old school coder.

In this Scenario the student will be exposed to several fundamental concepts and techniques to create the user friendly Apps Configuration, such as; Working with XML in C#, How to use OOP Encapsulation technique to enhance ASC reusable and other useful tips.

Duration: 6 ชั่วโมง (1 วัน)
Modules: 4 Modules
ACS Best Practice: ACS common consideration and examples
OOP Tip: encapsulate your ACS
Code Trick: ACS and LINQ to XML
Hand On: ACS, the User Interface part