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GF202-01.2 - Scenario B: Improve your Apps User Interface ...
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Code: CourseGF202.2
Title: Scenario B: Improve your Apps User Interface (UI)

Your logic may be great. Your code might address all business logic. Your flow may be smooth and bug free. But your Business Application will be useless without a good User Interface. A good UI make the user life easier while the bad one makes it hard. You can make your Application shine by paying attention to the UI implementation.

In this Scenario, the student will learn how to design and implement a good UI. This includes general UI techniques such as Consistency, Setting the standards, Using Color appropriately, etc. The Scenario also included OOP Inheritance technique to help you implement a better UI from a good UI base class. The student will also learn another important concept of C# and .NET Framework called "Delegate" which makes it possible to call back to the Parent from the Child UI.

Duration: 6 ชั่วโมง (1 วัน)
Modules: 4 Modules
UI Best Practice: what make your UI grand?
OOP Tip: inheritance and the UI Design
Code Trick: productive and user friendly UI
Hand On: UI Parent/Child with Event and Delegate technique