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GF202-01.3 - Scenario C: Handling Business Data with DataG...
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Code: CourseGF202.3
Title: Scenario C: Handling Business Data with DataGridView (DGV)

To make C# works with SQL Server the one of the most difficult subject in software development. The good news is .NET Framework creator have to provide bells and whistles to make programmers’ life easier. The DataGridView is one of the tools that make using SQL Server a bliss. Learning to use DGV can be challenge. But once you master it, the world is your oyster.

This Scenario presents Tips and Tricks of using the SQL Server 2008 database in your application. Learn how to work with LINQ to SQL. Overcome the incompatible of type system between SQL and C# by wrapping the database objects into C# Object using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 build in Object-Relation Mapping tool (O/RM). Mastering the O/RM allow you to code database interaction in full OOP paradigm. This Scenario also covers several useful DGV techniques.

Duration: 6 ชั่วโมง (1 วัน)
Modules: 4 Modules
DGV Best Practice: Dataset and LINQ to SQL
OOP Tip: Polymorphism in DGV for better Control
Code Trick: coding DGV with style
Hand On: restricting user input for your robust Apps